To get the latest TomP2P version with Maven, use the following settings:




The TomP2P source code in the Git repository contains eclipse specific configuration files (.project, .settings). This means that if you have installed the m2e plugin, the project should build automatically. If you are not using eclipse, you can build it “manually” with mvn clean install. For more information about Maven, please visit the Apache Maven Project.

If you miss a feature or encounter an issue, please post it using the mailing list.

Coding Style

Since I used to have my own (sometimes inconsistent) coding style, its time to set a standard for TomP2P. Thus, the following coding style (Java Code Style) will be used for all *.java files in the TomP2P project. Its also similar to the standard defined for the Apache Commons project. Since the coding style is reused from other projects, checkstyle and the eclispe formatting configuration can be reused.

To configure checkstyle, import the file .maven_checks.xml as external configuration file and add the following properties:

checkstyle.cache.file -> ${basedir}/.cache
checkstyle.header.file -> ${basedir}/.tomp2p-header-check.txt


You can access the latest TomP2P sources on GitHub. Please note, that this is the latest version (bleeding edge), which may contain errors, may not be stable, and may not run at all. For stable releases please go to the download section.