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Release notes for TomP2P 5.0-Beta1

Major changes

* Improved API -> method names changed from get*() to *() -> e.g. getPeerMap() to peerMap()
* Implemented relaying and reverse connection setup
* vDHT - added versions to key value pairs for better consistency semantics (
* Modularization. TomP2P is now split into 6 packages: core, dht, nat, replication, storage, and tracker. Additionally there is an "example" package and package "all", which references all the packages
* Added NAT reflection, and local message delivery


Some methods changed from get*() to *() -> getPeerMap() to peerMap(). The API is considered stable, but small changes may happen.

Future Plans

* Stabilizing
* Adapt documentation on the website
* Hole punching (prototype is working, integration started)
* Android support and push notifications